Last update: 15 October 2021

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George Moran CupHeyrose G.C.Monday
21st March
18£25 tbc
Tony Booth Tourist TrophyPortugal/Spain ?
Turkey/Wales ?
10th to
17th April ?
72£ ????
Frederic Robinson ShieldVicars Cross G.C.Wednesday
27th April
18£30 tbc
Secretary's TrophyHart Common G.C.Tuesday
17th May
18£25 tbc
Society TrophyLeigh G.C.Monday
6th June
18£30 tbc
Arthur Holdsworth TrophyStyal G.C.Monday
27th June
18£30 tbc
July CupWhitefield G.C.Wednesday
20th July
18£30 tbc
August TrophyPryors Hayes G.C.Tuesday
16th August
18£25 tbc
Norman Thornton CupPike Fold G.C.Wednesday
7th September
18£30 tbc
End Of Season TrophyPennant Park G.C.Wednesday
5th October
18£30 tbc
Ron Westwell Trophy ---

All competitions this year will be booked just a week or two before the listed date
and at the listed golf club/area where possible.
More info will appear nearer the date - keep checking "Cost/Winner"

2 to 3 tees will be booked at the club offering the best deal in the area so it is important to advise Bill in advance if you want to play that day so he can book the correct number of tees as they may need to be paid for in advance.

This year we will just be playing for the named Trophy, Cup or Shield
Only £10 membership this year.

Guests Welcome - speak to a member or Bill

please advise Bill if you intend to play on 07905 102667

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(Bill Sharratt)

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